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Established in 2013

Prime Indonesia is a company that cares about the conditions of nature affected by non-renewable energy, as we are committed to creating innovative renewable energy products. At present we have produced and distributed energy-saving biomass stoves. We are rapidly expanding sales & distribution of stoves to various countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and others.

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The Problem with Non-Renewable Energy

Summary of the data obtained by our team from various sources regarding non-renewable energy issues that occur in our community, especially in Indonesia.

problem with non renewable energy

Energy Crisis

The increasing use of energy will cause the depletion of fossil energy sources on Earth.


Expensive Cost

Decreasing amount of energy will impact to the price of energy to be even more expensive.


Source of Pollutant

Burning fossil fuels produces CO2 gas which could worsen global warming.


Destroying the Ecosystem

Generate acid rain that could cause damage to the marine ecosystem and damage to the forest ecosystem.

We Develop -

Functional energy saving products

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Attractive and affordable stove

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By doing the best for distributors and their customers.

Partners & Customers

Prime Stove is a healthy and energy-efficient biomass stove with good performance and has been marketed in Indonesia.

Christina Aristanti
Manager of Aliansi Tungku Indonesia

Prime Stove is highly appreciated by entrepreneurial mothers in Java and West Kalimantan who choose to replace LPG or traditional stoves with Prime Stove because it is smoke-free, affordable and safe to use for cooking.

Anqelique Timmer
Ivy Kickstarter Founder

Before using Prime Stove, I used kerosene stove to cook water. After using Prime Stove, I don’t need to buy kerosene because I use twigs and coconut shells from the garden for fuel.

Hj. Safiah
Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatera

Using Prime Stove is healthier, because there is not much smoke like a three-stone stove.

Kupang, NTT

Prime Stoves,

Energy Saving Biomass Stove

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We open up opportunities for those of you who are interested in working together to sell / distribute energy saving Prime products.

Agents / Resellers


CSR Programs

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    1. What's the difference between agents and distributors?

    Business entities or individuals without business entities can become Prime Stove Agents / Resellers with a minimum purchase of 50 units and the nature of short-term partnerships. Support to agents is limited to telephone consultations and marketing materials. The right to be a sole agent in an area is very limited.
    To become a Distributor, legality of institutions / businesses and the nature of long-term partnerships and large quantity of stoves purchased from PRIME INDONESIA are needed. Support for distributors includes training, stove demonstrations and marketing materials. Distributors also have a greater chance to become the only local distributor for certain regions.

    2. What is the recommended retail price for an Agents / Distributors?

    PRIME INDONESIA recommends adding a margin of 30% to 40% from the total cost of the stove and shipping costs.

    3. Can I be the sole Agent / Distributor in a certain region?

    Depending on the location and number of stove units purchased, one can be the sole agent in a particular city / district for a limited time period.

    4. Our company wants to partner for the distribution of stoves as part of CSR. Does PRIME INDONESIA also provide outreach and training services?

    PRIME INDONESIA provides socialization and training services but the cost of socialization and training is not included with the price of the stove.

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