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Along with time and increasingly modern technology, there are a lot of people today who switch to using gas stoves for cooking. It is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided. Moreover, when looked at the many types of stoves today, it has proven to be more efficient in terms of energy and cost.

Naturally, many people are no longer use traditional stoves or kerosene stoves for cooking purposes. Many of those who have switched to modern stoves are also increasingly rampant throughout Indonesia.

Modern stoves are also available in various types. In the past, there was only a stove with a single burner for cooking. But now, some stoves that have been developed in more than one burner. The modern stoves that are also popular and widely used today are stoves equipped with a double burner for cooking.

Today, cooking with a hearth is still a favorite of many people because it has a variety of benefits. The main benefit of cooking with a hearth is that it makes the dish more delicious. Besides, cooking with firewood is much faster, because the heat produced by the wood and the bark that is burned is hotter.

What’s more, the dishes produced by these stove stoves are far more flavorful than if you cook with a gas stove. The taste is also far more natural because cooking with wood can maintain the naturalness of the cuisine through the steam. Meanwhile, if you cook with gas the taste of the food will taste ordinary.

Even now, the hearth has been transformed into a modern stove because it has changed quite drastically. If the burner used to be made of clay material, now the material is in the form of metal which is much stronger against various conditions including heat and its usage is much easier. One of them is Prime Stoves.

Prime Stove presents a modern stove with a more innovative design and has implemented the best technology. Because the stove itself has been developed with more modern and efficient technology. With wood fuel, you can cook with up to 60% fuel savings and are certainly more cost-saving.

The modern stoves from Prime Stoves are also healthier because they don’t cause harmful smoke like other stoves. You can use this stove to cook better and environmentally friendly. Prime Stoves have been widely used abroad too. Get your Prime Stoves right away!

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