(Prime Square Granular Regular) 

Product / Pellet Prime Stove

prime stoves

Stoves Specifications

Material : Stainless Steel,  Mild Steel, heat resistant powder-coating paint
Dimention : 28 cm x 28 cm x 36 cm
Weight : 3,5 Kg
Firepower   : > 6000 Watts
Fuel Capacity : 0.3-2 Kg
Lifespan : 2-5 Year (depending on maintenance)
Warranty : 1 year warranty since purchase date

Stove Illustration

stove illustration




Cangkang Kemiri

Candlenut Shells

Cangkang Sawit

Palm shells

Cangkang Lainnya

Other Shells

Stove Performance:

✔️  1 kg pellet fuel = 78 minutes

✔️  Boiling 1 litre of water = 11 minutes

✔️  Fully filled = 1,5 kg = 91 minutes

Test results by World Bank and Kementerian ESDM in
Clean Stove Initiative (CSI) program or Tungku Sehat Hemat
Energi (TSHE)

How to Use

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How to Buy

Prime Indonesia does not sell for retail purchases. For retail purchases,
you can contact one of our Agents / Partners closest to your location.
A list of agents / partners can be downloaded here


Prime Indonesia only serves the purchase of sample or sample items for prospective Partners / Agents.
Minimum sample purchase is 2 units and costs Rp. 515,000 / unit and does not include
shipping costs from the Prime Indonesia warehouse in Sidoarjo, East Java.
Purchases below 50 units are subject to sample prices.


For wholesale purchases, a minimum of 50 units is required.



1. Can you buy retail?

PRIME INDONESIA does not serve retail purchases. Retail purchases can be made by contacting our nearest Agent / Distributor in your location. A list of agents / partners can be downloaded here

2. Can I buy sample?

PRIME INDONESIA only serves sample purchases for prospective Agents / Distributors. Minimum purchase of sample is 2 units and sample price of Rp. 500,000 per unit not including shipping costs from Sidoarjo, East Java.

3. What is the price per unit of Prime stove from an Agent / Distributor?

The retail prices of Prime Stoves per unit vary depending on location. Please contact our agent / partner directly.

4. What is the minimum purchase for wholesalers?

For wholesale purchases, the minimum purchase is 50 units. For wholesale prices, please contact us further via Contact Form

5. How much is the shipping fee?

We will calculate the shipping costs from our warehouse in Sidoarjo, East Java after we get the complete delivery address.

6. Can my company buy stoves for the purpose of tender for procurement of goods in government programs?

PRIME INDONESIA serves only the sale of stoves to companies intended to join tender for procurement of goods for both government and private purposes. However, PRIME INDONESIA has a policy not to participate directly as a tender participant for the government's procurement program for the purpose of free distribution and PRIME INDONESIA prefers to partner with local companies.

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