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Firewood Stove

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Cooking becomes one of the activities most often done by everyone. It can be done with a variety of tools and ways. One of the must-have cooking utensils is the stove. This stove also has gone through various developments ranging from traditional cooking methods with firewood to gas stoves that are widely used.

It is undeniable that currently there are still many Indonesians who cook using firewood in their homes, especially in rural areas or city borders. There are several reasons why Indonesian people still cook using firewood.

This traditional method of cooking with firewood is the first choice because of its lower price compared to natural gas. So, it is possible to not make household expenses bigger. Moreover, not all regions in Indonesia and the world can be reached by LPG distribution.

Therefore, it is not surprising if the traditional cooking method with firewood still has quite a lot of enthusiasts. However, traditional cooking methods with firewood can take quite a lot of time to start from searching for firewood to preparing it. Burnt results can also be dangerous for health. Well, now there is an increasingly modern firewood stove and one of those stoves is Prime Stoves.

Yep, the stove from Prime Stoves has implemented a variety of modern technologies in it. Even though it uses firewood, this stove can save up to 60% of wood usage. Moreover, cooking with Prime stove is guaranteed to not causing air pollution or garbage because it has been designed environmentally friendly and smoke-free.

What’s more, this Prime Stoves firewood stove is cheap and has been trusted by millions of people. These stove users are also in various countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Russia, and Cambodia. Therefore, you are highly recommended to buy and own this Prime Stoves stove as the best cooking equipment.

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